After JavaCro'15

4th JavaCro conference was held at a new location this year. Acoording to the surveys, participants were happy with the change. Unfortunately, this years' number of participants didn't exceed last years. During two days, in 6 topic categories, withnin 3 lecture halls 47 lectures were held. This proves a very active character of the conference. 

Details on all held activities can be seen in Program. Presentations from held lectures can be found under every lecture, and are ready for downloading (as a PDF file).

Lectures, often including live demos, were held by 43 lecturers. The presentations, often with demonstrations, held a 43 lecturers. Interest of participants can be seen in the fact that in average there was more than 40 participants in every hall during each lecture (120 participants in all three paralel slots). There was 183 registered participants from 11 countries, which confirms the international character of JavaCro.

Next to the official part of the conference, there was traditionally a entertainment part. This part was also very active, which you may see in the photos from the event. They'll remind the participants of the fun they had, which can also be seen in the survey results. 



From the survey results regarding the conference as a whole, it is clear that the conference was more than a success. This year's JavaCro conference got an average grade of 4,24. Official part of the conference got  4,15 and the entertainment part 4,14. This is the result of 139 completed surveys (68%).



Event participants have evaluated the selected lecture and also the lecturer. While determining the best lectures, in addition to rating of the participants, the number of listeners, the number of respondents and compliance procedures to participate in program activities are taken into account. Here, the participants assigned very good grades. The overall score of selected topics was 4.48 and the average rating performance of presentation is 4.42.





Best topic categories


1. Trends & Future of Java

1. Big Data u „DIY“ home by Marko Švaljek (Kapsch Carrier Com Croatia) – grades 4,92 / 4,88

2. Stuck in a tar pit – by Vjeran Marčinko (Kapsch Carrier Com Croatia) – grades 4,63 / 4,88

3Elasticsearch as a search alternative to a relational database – by Kristijan Duvnjak, Mladen Maravić (Privredna banka Zagreb) – grades 4,69 / 4,69 and

    Introduction to Apache Spark- by Petar Zečević (SV Group) - grades 4,68 / 4,72


2. Business technologies and case studies

Special award goes to Vladimir Vukadinović (Prodyna) for Single mail client for Lotus Domino and MS Exchange with Liferay 7– grades 4,92 / 5,00, which has very high average grades but from a relatively small number of participants. 


3. Core Java, Frameworks & Servers

1. BOOTylicious Spring  by Karlo Novak (SV Group) – grades 4,86 / 4,93

2. Java parallelization - by Zlatko Sirotić (Istra Tech) – grades 4,70 / 4,93 and

    Snappy Ubuntu Core - by Gordan Krešić (Steatoda) – grades 4,72 / 4,88

3. Java application crashed, now what? - by Matija Tomašković (Evolva) – grades 4,75 / 4,70


4. Methodologies & Tools

1. How to start agile transition?  by Ivan Krnić (CROZ) – grades 4,68 / 4,68 and

    Architecting well structured Java applications - by Eduards Sizovs (Craftsman's Passion) – grades 4,72 / 4,61

2. Doing it RESTfully  - by Hrvoje Crnjak (SV Group) – grades 4,45 / 4,62 

Special awards goes to Johan Janssen, Pim Hazebroek (Info Support) for Beyond the basics of SonarQube: Improve your Java(script) code even further – grades 4,73 / 4,73 for a lecture that has very high average grades, but from a relativelly small number of participants. 


5. Web & Mobile

1. Web UI Best practice integration with Java EE 7 – by Peter Lehto (Vaadin) - grades 4,74 i 4,79

2. Remote controlling Parrot AR Drone with Spring Boot & Vaadin – by Peter Lehto (Vaadin) - grades 4,74 i 4,79




For best JavaCro'15 lecctures are chosen: 

BOOTylicious Spring  by Karlo Novak (SV Group) – grades 4,86 / 4,93 and

Big Data in „DIY“ home- by Marko Švaljek (Kapsch Carrier Com Croatia) – grades 4,92 / 4,88


We want to congratulate the best lecturers and express our gratitude for all lecturers participating in the conference. We hope that, by participating in the next conference, they'll achieve even better results. 

If you want to know more on individual results, feel free to contact the organizator


The conference is organized by the Croatian Association of Oracle users & Croatian Java Users Association. 

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